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Thank you for visiting my website.  My appeal is simple, "academic success and graduating students, especially at-risk students through the method of my new book titled "Succeed Indeed"  This book is less than 100 pages front and back, easy to read and ready for action Academic Boot Camp (ABC) style.

If you are a unmotivated student, Succeed Indeed can help.

If you are a first year college student, a very good choice is Succeed Indeed.

If you are an educator at the high school or college level, you need Succeed Indeed.

If you are a parent, grandparent or family care provider, you really need Succeed Indeed.

If you are serving students who are not reaching their potential, U must have Succeed Indeed.

Check out a few comments from professionals who have used Succeed Indeed ABC methods:

Cory Buckner says Dr. Johnnie  has this unique ability as “teacher” which has allowed her to garner a reputation around the country where colleagues are consistently seeking to inquire about her success with student-athletes and her “Academic Boot Camp” model.  (University of Louisville)

Gabriel Punzalan states that Dr. Johnnie is skillful and crafty in creating programs that fit the needs of a changing student population.  One example of this is the Satellite Tutoring Program, by taking skills to the students to any location whether, the library or a classroom.  (Tennessee State University)

Joshua Sampson credits that student advising is one of his strengths, and that would not have been possible without a taste of Dr. Johnnie's Succeed Indeed. (University of Cincinnati)

Seth Schwartz adds that Dr. Johnnie's Succeed Indeed models instilled pride and self confidence in organizing a study hall program. (Purdue University)

 Try Succeed Indeed!!!

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